Portuguese translator, revisor and terminology miner
from German and English

est. 1993

izzi's me

Twenty four years ago I was looking forward to getting involved in hands-on activity. I had long prepared for this, both in college and working as a trainee at the European Parliament and at a German translation agency. All in all, it sure was my dream career and it seemed to be an exciting thing to do – actually like every other thing I did in my early twenties. Equipped with my first PC, printer and fax, I found the perfect location for my headquarters in the room just underneath my teen bedroom.

The truth is all of a sudden I found myself as on a mission. Today I can hardly guess how many words I have written since then – something like a 7 or 8-digit figure, perhaps?  More than 750 brands have made their way into the Portuguese market through my keyboard, more than 10,000 projects eventually saw the day light.

I am obviously not in my early twenties anymore but this is still my dream job. And let me tell you this: it is even more exciting than I ever had anticipated.

I am now looking forward to welcoming the next twenty years!

on the road

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